Secret Snowshoe Spots: Shiga Kogen to Ryuoo

An unknown but beautiful snowshoeing spot, walking from the top of Shiga Kogen to Ryuoo is a easily accessible adventure for snowshoers of any level!

Ryuoo’s Ropeway

There are two ways to access this snowshoeing route. The first is to approach from Ryuoo Ski Park, taking a series of lifts and the ropeway to the top of the mountain. From there, you can climb Mt. Ryuoo and follow the map towards Shiga Kogen’s Yakebitaiyama ski area.

The other way is to go to the top of Yakebitaiyama ski area, taking the Daiichi or Daini (Number one or number two) gondola to the top of the mountain. From there, climb a little to reach the Torii gate pictured and descend towards Ryuoo.

To not get lost, the best way to go about this snowshoe route is to hire a guide. Shiga Kogen Mountain Discovery, Shinetsu Activity Center and Snow Monkey Resorts are all good options for guide services.

To descend, you can either return to the mountain where you started, or go down from the other side. Both resorts offer bus access down the mountain back to Yudanaka Station.

As always, I recommend downloading the YAMAP app. You can download the map to use while hiking so that you can track your location offline!

For more information or to join a tour, visit

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